We love bees and everything they do for us! We love them so much we decided to learn all we could about beekeeping and started raising honeybees of our own. One of the main reasons is because we discovered that beeswax acts similarly to our liver in the hive.  Any toxins brought back to the hive from the environment or from treatments accumulate in the beeswax. We raise our bees naturally in order to source the purest beeswax to use in our products.

You will find unrefined beeswax in many of our products, including Peppermint lip balm, Herbal healing salve, Rosemary Face Cream, and 9 shades of Artisan organic lipstick.


Amama donates $1 from every Bergamot Lavender Body Lotion sold to the the protection and promotion of bees and pollinators. We are proud to help support, a registered Canadian charity that works to enhance pollinator habitat, encourages research and policy actions that help protect pollinators, and provides outreach and education materials throughout Canada.