Do you have an idea for a product that will benefit your business? 

Are you in need of a custom formulation? Get in touch with us!

Amama Skincare makes it easy for sellers and service providers to add high-quality skincare products to their business offerings. Margaret will work closely with you to develop a custom formula that precisely satisfies your requirements, bringing your idea to life — and your business to the next level. 

Collaborating with a private label allows you to forgo working with suppliers of name brand products in favour of creating your own customized skincare products, therefore increasing trust with your customers and building your business’s reputation both online and in person.

Amama Skincare currently formulates and produces skincare products for several retailers and service providers in Southern Ontario. 

Some of our current collaborations include: 

Here’s what they are saying:

"The products that Margaret has provided for Meridian Energies and all of my clients have been exceptional. The results of working with her and being able to use her knowledge to design specific products has been amazing. She takes care in all aspects of the product's creation and delivery. It is always of the highest standard. That's why we recommend her products to our clients everyday"

- Paul McDonald, Meridian Energies

"We have been working with Margaret for over 5 years and are constantly impressed by her professionalism. Her products are of the highest quality and are always consistent. Always open to creating new products, Margaret works both collaboratively and independently to develop new lines and custom requests. She is engaged in our business and provides indispensable knowledge and insight."

- Nick Morris, Flowers to Fragrance

"Margaret is simply the best! Her creativity, passion, and kindness shines through her work. I’ve been working with her for about a year now and can honestly say there is no one I’d rather work with! She is incredibly talented at what she does and has always been accommodating to my needs. Margaret has been an integral part of my business’ success."

-Stella Jordan-Sharpe, Freeq Cosmetics

"Lifesaver!  As a registered massage therapist of 26 years, I have used many oils/creams that all left my hands dry and cracked.  Margaret created a cream designed specifically for my needs.  The blend is silky smooth and contains healing properties that benefit myself as well as my clients.  I am truly thankful for Margaret!"

-Andrea , Registered Massage Therapist