facial clay mask

Amama is a line of small-batch, plant-based skincare products created by Margaret Norcott in the beautiful Blue Mountains region of Ontario, Canada. 

Our mission is to provide effective, safe and fairly priced natural skincare products using only local, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients that have a minimal impact on the earth and a positive impact on our customer’s well-being.
Over the past 20 years, Margaret has developed organic, natural formulas for unique skincare products that she handcrafts in small batches for customers who care about their personal well-being and what they put on their body to heal and protect their skin.

Amama is home to its own private apiary for harvesting beeswax and has its own private gardens for the organically grown healing blossoms, roots and leaves that ensure only the finest, natural ingredients in all of our skin products.

With accreditation in cosmetics, holistic skincare and aromatology, Margaret is an award winning practitioner who combines both science and nature for the most effective, safe and natural products.

No testing on animals    Paraben/Petroleum/Sulfate Free    Recyclable packaging